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Harbor Village Now Accepts Most major Insurance Companies
Harbor Village Florida is an affordable drug rehabilitation center. The residential drug and alcohol treatment center specializes in detox therapy, which is the process drug addicts and alcoholics must undergo before checking themselves into a … Read more on Insurance News Net

Florida Helpline Providing Assistance For Those in Need of Substance Abuse
The alcoholism recovery hotline for Florida is assisting drug and alcohol abusers in locating a recovery program which offers the best chance at success with sobriety. LIGHTNING RELEASES 01/22/15 — Plenty of people in Florida don't think they have a … Read more on Press Release Rocket

Recovering addicts spread word of fatal batch of drug
“We have a lot of connections now to the recovery community who have been very helpful in getting the word out about just how dangerous this type of heroin is,” said Juile Dostal, director of the LEAF Council on Alcoholism and Addictions, with … Read more on Oneonta Daily Star

Report: Albany VA clinics should improve alcohol abuse aid
… released Tuesday, said the Stratton VA's outpatient clinics should do a better job of completing assessments of veterans who report using alcohol, and of documenting that patients diagnosed with alcohol dependence are offered further treatment. Read more on Albany Times Union

Key Clock Genes Linked To Alcohol Use and Abuse
Response: Alcohol-use disorders are often comorbid conditions with mood and anxiety disorders. Clinical studies have demonstrated that there are abnormalities in circadian rhythms and intrinsic clocks in patients with alcohol-use disorders. Circadian … Read more on Medical Research News and Interviews on (blog)

Addiction Recovery Advice Available Courtesy of Boca Raton, FL Helpline
The alcoholism treatment hotline for Boca Raton, FL is helping drug and alcohol abusers find a recovery program and facility which can help them achieve sobriety. LIGHTNING RELEASES 01/22/15 — There's a lot of great things about Boca Raton, FL. Read more on Ticker Report

New Year may mean time to rethink drinking
Alexian Brothers Health System, which offers addiction treatment programs in the Chicago area, saw 20 per cent more calls about service options in December compared to November, said Carol Hartmann, business development director for Alexian Brothers … Read more on Winnipeg Free Press

Resources scarce for teen addicts
Editor's note: This is the second in a Sunday series on the spread of drug addiction, including prescription pills, heroin and other opiates in Coweta County. The series takes a look at drug use, treatment programs – or the lack thereof – as well as … Read more on Newnan Times-Herald

What Goes on Inside an Intervention?
John Lloyd is a certified addiction specialist, interventionist, and certified in anger management and domestic violence intervention. John has worked in the drug and alcohol treatment field for over eleven years and is in long term recovery himself … Read more on (blog)

Drugaddicted mothers an 'epidemic' in W.Va.
Jordan, a behavioral health counselor, and Kosa, a social worker, both deal with drug-addicted mothers on a weekly basis at FamilyCare Health Centers in Putnam, Boone and Kanawha counties. They provide weekly programs for women … “We started treating … Read more on Charleston Gazette

State to test telehealth drug treatment program
PIERRE, S.D. — In an effort to get more treatment services to rural South Dakota, the Department of Social Services is exploring using telemedicine to help drug and alcohol abusers in remote parts of the state stay sober and out of prison, state … Read more on Centre Daily Times

How We Won the War on Dungeons & Dragons
How We Won the War on Dungeons & Dragons S. It sounds crazy in our world today, where there are Dungeons & Dragons movies and a rich game industry full of titles inspired by those old paper-and-dice games we played back in the twentieth century … Read more on io9

Mobile app may help people recovering from alcohol abuse: study
More recovering alcohol abusers also reported total abstinence from drinking when using the app, which has guided relaxation techniques and alerts users when they're near bars and other places that may be risky to their recoveries. "The system we have … Read more on Reuters India

As coal fades in West Virginia, drugs fill void
… of prescription pill addiction has been a game changer, she said. “When it escalated into drug abuse, the addiction got so bad that, on average, about 43 percent of my students had lost a biological mother or father,” either from overdose or … Read more on Al Jazeera America

Tollefson to get out of jail; slated for drug treatment
Former Philadelphia sportscaster Don Tollefson will be released from jail Thursday and transferred to an inpatient drug-treatment facility as he awaits trial on felony fraud charges involving an alleged ticket-selling scam, officials said. The petition … Read more on

Question by My Answers Suck: What’s your definition of “abuse”?
I hang out in celebrity section and notice a lot of people commenting on Chris Brown hitting Rihanna saying he abused her. To me, “abuse” means a habitual occurrence. For this argument we won’t get into whether or not he has done so in the past. So if he hits her on this one occasion — even if going overboard — does that constitute as “physical abuse”?

I was thinking if someone who has never had alcohol gets absolutely plastered one time, they are not considered as alcohol abusers. That term usually conjures up an addicted alcoholic. Same for drugs.

What do you think?
So Beyond Mordant, would you classify this as abuse? When I hear of spousal abuse, I think of battery on more than one occasion. Habitual offense. I can see how your definition would apply, though.

Best answer:

Answer by hatrickpatrick
What happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna was a fight / assault. “Abuse” cannot be a once off incident.

What do you think? Answer below!

University of Kentucky wins 0000 grant to help undergraduates study alcohol
… Herald-Leader. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Reddit E-mail Print. Pharmacy professor Kimberly Nixon and psychology professor Mark Prendergast will direct a five-year, $ 350,000 grant to bring 55 students to UK each summer to research alcohol abuse. Read more on Lexington Herald Leader

Expert says parents who discourage teenagers boozing help prevent alcohol
Year 11 student Lauren McNamara said having Mr Dillon talk about the pitfalls of alcohol abuse to her entire year level took the sting out of peer pressure to want to drink while underage. “It makes the entire friendship group on the same page,'' the … Read more on Courier Mail

Countering alcohol abuse will improve productivity
The first step is to develop, implement and communicate an alcohol policy which outlines the process for dealing with alcohol issues. Anyone experiencing alcohol problems should feel they have the support of their employer to seek help to deal with … Read more on Scotsman

FiDi residents oppose rehab center heading to 'hood
A substance abuse treatment center's move to the Financial District has residents concerned about the implications for the community. Exponents, an outpatient facility that treats drug and alcohol abusers as well as ex-convicts looking to rehabilitate … Read more on The Real Deal Magazine (blog)

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Toronto Launches Program to Support Adults
Counselors and therapists are on staff at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers, ready to help adults and adolescents figure out where their lives went off track and got caught up in the vicious cycle of addiction. Real-life issues are faced, including … Read more on PR Web (press release)