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Destination Hope Drug Rehab for Women Recognizes Women's History Month
Destination Hope: The Women's Program is a full service addiction, drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis drug rehab for women treatment facility in Florida for women suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. Treatment programs include: drug … Read more on PR Web (press release)

High-End Alcohol Treatment Center to Open in Camden
Plans to open a high-end alcohol treatment center in Camden are moving forward again after the developers scaled them back to avoid a zone change or planning board approval. Officials with Fox Hill Real Estate and McLean Hospital say they'll operate an … Read more on WABI

Push for improved security at mandatory alcohol rehabilitation centres
"In Tennant Creek, the EOI is calling for a service provider to operate a 12-bed treatment service at the NT government-owned alcohol and other drug facility." The Tennant Creek sobering-up centre is being moved out of the facility and will be found … Read more on Yahoo!7 News

Illegal centres make a hash of rehab
Most are manned by well-meaning but underqualified staff, many of them reformed addicts keen to help others overcome similar problems. Though healthcare experts say a drug or alcohol rehab centre needs qualified doctors , psychiatrists and paramedical …
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The Cabin Chiang Mai Alcohol and Drug Rehab to Participate in Australian
According to figures from The Cabin Chiang Mai, Asia's leading drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre located in Thailand, an alarming number of Australian mining workers are seeking rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. Share on Twitter Share on …
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Back to “monster and stomp” for drunks? The NT's (latest) grog policy folly
The vast majority will have been sentenced to prison and have undergone grog rehabilitation (as far as it is offered) inside or will have attended one of the numerous alcohol rehabilitation centres in the NT, either as part of a court order or off …
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Question by The Advocate of the Devil: What is a “specialized gender identity treatment center” as specified under the PSU health plan?
I’m looking at this:

“Coverage will not be
provided unless the member has already completed a recognized program at a specialized
gender identity treatment center.”

Now, I’m currently seeing a therapist, currently taking hormones and also full-time, but I’ve never heard of anything like this. What is it?

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Answer by Clones Don’t Have 200k Pts
Ask Aetna.

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Question by ebizartistry: What are three different drugs used for psychiatric problems?
I must look up these drugs and provide the “indications”, “main side effects” and “abuse potential” for each, however I am not sure what the most common or popular drugs are that are commonly prescribed in the US. Can anyone help?

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Question by guerrero82: Do you feel sorry for the poor, or are they victims of their own doing?
I feel bad for the poor. Everyone should have money and some nice things.

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Answer by Alison
Depends on the situation and circumstances…..

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DC pledges 1m/- for drug recovery centre
Kinondoni District Commissioner Jordan Rugimbana has pledged to contribute 1ml/- to support the newly introduced treatment and rehabilitation centre for drug addicts at Kikale village in Rufiji district, Coast region. Rugimbana made the pledge …
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Anti-depressants could help stroke patients recover more quickly by
Anti-depressants could help recovery after a stroke – even in patients who are not depressed, research suggests. The drugs could reduce dependence, physical disability, depression and anxiety in the first year after a stroke, according to the study …
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