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New Kensington bar ordered to pay injured officer 4K
Blandford served nine to 23 months in inpatient alcohol rehabilitation and the Westmoreland County Prison and has been making payments on $ 2,000 restitution ordered in connection with the April 18, 2011, crash, according to online court records. Read more on Tribune-Review

A look inside the struggles of Rose Hill
MASSENA — Rose Hill opened in 1987 to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to adolescents regardless of their ability to pay. And while that philosophy has enabled the facility to help hundreds of youths over the years, it also has made … Read more on

Russell Packer again refused bail
District Court Judge Chris Hoy said this afternoon he recognised Packer was seeking bail to undergo rehabilitation for his problem with alcohol, including binge drinking. But the assault, to which Packer pleaded guilty and was jailed earlier this year, … Read more on Newcastle Herald

5 Virtues That Liberals Take To The Extreme
It's the "nice" relative who enables an alcoholic rather than encouraging him to go to rehab. It's the "nice" politicians who don't want to say "no" to anyone no matter how bad his lifestyle choices turn out to be. Meanwhile, our society seems to be … Read more on Town Hall

Question by The Advocate of the Devil: What is a “specialized gender identity treatment center” as specified under the PSU health plan?
I’m looking at this:

“Coverage will not be
provided unless the member has already completed a recognized program at a specialized
gender identity treatment center.”

Now, I’m currently seeing a therapist, currently taking hormones and also full-time, but I’ve never heard of anything like this. What is it?

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Answer by Clones Don’t Have 200k Pts
Ask Aetna.

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Question by ebizartistry: What are three different drugs used for psychiatric problems?
I must look up these drugs and provide the “indications”, “main side effects” and “abuse potential” for each, however I am not sure what the most common or popular drugs are that are commonly prescribed in the US. Can anyone help?

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Question by guerrero82: Do you feel sorry for the poor, or are they victims of their own doing?
I feel bad for the poor. Everyone should have money and some nice things.

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Answer by Alison
Depends on the situation and circumstances…..

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DC pledges 1m/- for drug recovery centre
Kinondoni District Commissioner Jordan Rugimbana has pledged to contribute 1ml/- to support the newly introduced treatment and rehabilitation centre for drug addicts at Kikale village in Rufiji district, Coast region. Rugimbana made the pledge …
Read more on IPPmedia

Anti-depressants could help stroke patients recover more quickly by
Anti-depressants could help recovery after a stroke – even in patients who are not depressed, research suggests. The drugs could reduce dependence, physical disability, depression and anxiety in the first year after a stroke, according to the study …
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Question by Frenzy: How often must one get drunk before you would consider them an alcoholic? ?
With what frequency must drinking to get drunk, not having a glass of wine over dinner for instance, occur before you would consider a person an alcoholic?

I don’t buy into this AA mythology that alcoholism is a disease, by the way. It’s an expression of a specific behavior – excessive consumption of alcohol to get become inebriated. So, if you happen to be a member of that cult, you don’t have to answer this question.

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Well, the doctors say, I think it is one or two drinks a day is OK, maybe three stretching it, so take it from there, then you are damaging your body

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