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Raiders and Eagles continue making 'connections'
That was one lesson learned at Kennett High School on Tuesday afternoon, when the Eagles played host to Fryeburg Academy for "Prevention through Connections," a program geared to overcoming substance abuse. It marked the second time the two … Read more on Conway Daily Sun

Mental Health and Drug Education – Training and Course Overview
Dealing with mental illnesses or drug addictions is never easy. But there are treatments that can help. Proper medical treatment, counseling, self-help strategies and professional help can help anyone in overcoming such conditions and reclaiming a … Read more on Campus Daily Online

Own experiences open path to helping others
According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly one in five Americans suffers from some sort of mental illness. “When I was first diagnosed, I felt very alone,” she said. “I thought nobody else was going through what … Read more on Jacksonville Journal Courier

Former Child Star Todd Bridges Opens Up About Overcoming Substance Abuse
Todd tells Closer, in an exclusive interview, that after the show ended in 1986 his career was sidelined by substance abuse problems. “Addiction is a disease that attacks your emotions and stops you from realizing you can have a beautiful life,” Todd … Read more on Closer Weekly

Four Takeaways From The National Rx Drug Abuse And Heroin Summit
At the end of March, over 1,900 people convened in Atlanta, Georgia, at the National Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit, with attendees including advocates, clinicians, treatment providers, law enforcement officers and government officials … Read more on Forbes

Overdose-reversing drug leading addicts to avoid treatment for addiction
Ralph worries addicts revived by Narcan miss out on being directed to treatment for their addiction. "The hospital provides a social services person to get them into some kind of counseling and then can guide them into some kind of treatment center … Read more on

Treatment more vital than punishment in many cases, specialists say
“The cases that come through my court are related to addictions, either with alcohol or drugs. There's always present among those defendants, issues that are mental health-related,” he said as he sat on a panel of community experts from the county … Read more on Terre Haute Tribune Star

Vivitrol Cuts Relapse Risk in Opioid Addicts
About 2.6 million people in the U.S. are addicted to opioids, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Since 2001, the number of people who have fatally overdosed on prescription opioids has more than tripled, and the … Read more on WebMD

Lamar Odom — Khloe Demanding Trip to Rehab … He's Saying No, No, No!
… us Khloe's doing everything she can to convince him to get treatment for addiction. We're told LO's happy to go to physical rehab, but refuses to deal with his drug demons. We're told Khloe's even suggested an outpatient program, but Odom remains … Read more on

Curbing pain prescriptions won't reduce overdoses. More drug treatment will
In addition, looked at from the chronic pain treatment perspective, studies find that very low percentages of people who do not have previous drug abuse histories become addicted during pain care. In a large study of overdose victims, only 13% had a … Read more on The Guardian

Cardin Roundtable at Sheppard Pratt Hospital Examines Progress, Challenges in
“Despite the prevalence of mental illness and substance abuse and the fact that mental health treatment can be transformative, barriers like cost and stigma are still keeping too many people from accessing the mental health care that they need,” said … Read more on Afro American

Ricky's Law Would Make It Possible To Help Addicts Who Are Not Able To Help
… make it possible for parents to commit minors struggling with substance abuse. The bill requires the state to come up with $ 15 to 20 million a year to build and operate seven facilities for adults and two for children. Studies show that treatment … Read more on KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest

Waldo County forum tackles heroin, opioid addiction
The answer, according to the senators, is not to put people in jail who suffer from substance abuse disorders, but instead to make sure they have access to treatment, rehabilitation and recovery programs. The senators cite over-prescription and abuse … Read more on Republican Journal

SAMHSA Proposes Updates to Substance Abuse Records Security and
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has released proposed changes to the Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records regulations (45 C.F.R. Part 2) for … Read more on Lexology (registration)

Why Are All the Candidates Talking About Addiction?
Donald Trump talked about his brother, Fred, who died in 1981 from complications of alcoholism, telling CNN's Anderson Cooper, “He got hooked and there was nothing, there was nothing we could do about it.” Ted Cruz spun stories on the trail about his … Read more on New Republic

Losing His Son And Facing His Own Addiction, Kim Learned Recovery Is A Way Of Life
But when Kim's 16 year-old son David lost his life to alcohol and drug addiction, it drove Kim into pattern of heavy drinking and prescription drug abuse. Grief over David's death pushed him deeper into his disease but ultimately was the … After … Read more on WBAA

Heroin's fatal grip worsens a mother's pain
“He even told me that he had even shot alcohol in his veins as well. He was not only …. Googins said there is a correlation that can be made between crimes driven by drug addiction and a lack of health services to treat substance abuse. “There's … Read more on Sentry

“Fine I will leave, and when I kill myself it is your fault!”.
He tells me he does not need rehab and will not be going. In his mind things are back to … Carers warn increased drug use, particularly ice, is also exacerbating the rate of mental health issues in the community. Program medical director of emergency … Read more on Herald Sun

Facebook Shuts Down Medical-Marijuana Pages in Arizona and Other States
Prince says a growing list of Arizona dispensary pages representing tens of thousands of patients have been taken down. But inexplicably, some remain … "Officials from Breakwater Wellness and Treatment Center in Cranbury and Compassionate Sciences … Read more on Phoenix New Times

County or city: Who is responsible for dealing with LA homelessness?
The county has stumbled on rules that, for example, earmark funds for foster care but not for family housing, or pay for a clinic patient's drug rehab but not a jail inmate's. The county for too long was unwilling or unable to work with the state and … Read more on Los Angeles Times

Drug overdose deaths soar in 2015
The Open Door is also stepping up its efforts at the Indiana County Jail with what Mercuri called “an intensive outpatient program,” which will roll out in the next two weeks with help from other organizations such as the Armstrong Indiana Drug and … Read more on Indiana Gazette