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Telehealth Takes the Lead in Addiction Treatment
Texas-based MAP Health Management is adding 1,200 counselors to its national MAP Recovery Network, with the goal of creating programs that connect providers with the estimated 22 million Americans with addiction problems on a continual basis, rather … Read more on

Helping DrugAddicted Inmates Break The Cycle
About two-thirds of the nation's 2.3 million inmates are addicted to drugs or alcohol, compared to 9 percent of the general population, according to a study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. Yet only 11 … Read more on Huffington Post

'I was completely and utterly addicted to hurting myself'
Soon, she was dabbling in tobacco, alcohol and huffing fly spray and petrol. … Police arrested her at the scene and after a court appearance, she was sentenced to seven years and nine months behind bars on three separate charges. Jail was a wake-up … Read more on

Plymouth health news
Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts with more than 33,500 weekly meetings in over 116 countries worldwide. Narcotics Anonymous sprang from the Alcoholics Anonymous program of the late … Read more on Wicked Local

Search for new Hampden County substance abuse treatment center site powers
Built in 1907 to originally house the YWCA, MGM plans to demolish the building, which now houses the Western Massachusetts Correctional Alcohol Center, under the direction of the Hampden County Sheriff's Department. The building was sold to MGM by … Read more on

Counselor: Compassion, understanding go a long way in LGBTQ substance
There's some very successful programs that have helped a substantial number of people: AA. Narcotics Anonymous. SOS, which is a nonsecular group. A lot of the treatment facilities that do substance abuse counseling tend to go with this abstinence-only … Read more on Buffalo News

Butte County health officials planning residential crisis treatment center
The building is currently owned by Enloe and leased to the county for a drug and alcohol program called Stepping Stones. Plans to open a crisis residential center began in early 2013 when a director of Butte County Behavioral Health applied for grant … Read more on Chico Enterprise-Record

Green Bay Man Arrested for 10th Offense OWI
LaBine says alcohol is by far the most prominent addiction in this area. Eighty-percent of outpatient, and more than 50 percent of inpatient clients at the center are there for alcoholism. “It's incredibly hard to … the seventh or eighth time, it's … Read more on WBAY

Charleston council candidates have had run-ins with law
Slater said he has had six months of inpatient treatment and more than a year of outpatient treatment to address his substance abuse. Slater is also active in Narcotics Anonymous, he wrote. “Rehabilitation works. I am very passionate about helping … Read more on Charleston Gazette

Harbor Village Detox Extends Its Inpatient Medical Detox Services to Lancaster
According to Lancaster Online, on Feb. 2nd the county has run out of available funds to offer the residents of Lancatser county with crucial drug and alcohol treatment for addiction. The article states that most residents do not possess private … Read more on Insurance News Net

Holt, MI Hotline Changing the Way Adolescents Find Recovery Help
Teen depression and other mental health problems can often make substance abuse worse so many treatment facilities can assist with that as well. Those who try to overcome their issues on their own have their heart in the right place, but they just need … Read more on Ticker Report

NEPA center for recovering addicts in the works
New approaches are needed because completing a formal drug treatment program and relying primarily on traditional support group meetings upon release, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, may not be enough, especially for opiod … Read more on Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

Phoenix Health Programs to mark 40 years in Columbia
A local drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility's celebration of 40 years in Columbia includes a name change to reflect the full range of services provided for individuals and families affected by those substances. Phoenix Programs Inc. has changed … Read more on Columbia Daily Tribune

Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts with more than 33,500 weekly meetings in over 116 countries worldwide. Narcotics Anonymous sprang from …. Plymouth AIDS Support Services offers referrals … Read more on Wicked Local Plymouth

The Cabin Chiang Mai Alcohol and Drug Rehab Expert to Speak at Australian
The Cabin Chiang Mai – Asia's leading substance and process addiction centre, also believes in the high efficacy of the 12 Steps and incorporates the programme in the rehab's progressive addiction treatment model – along with three other evidence-based … Read more on

A Look at the Many Ways Bollywood Mishandles Mental Health
This movie's shortcomings lie in its failure to properly portray alcoholism as a disease — a medical condition with both physical and mental components of alcohol dependence that requires proper treatment. Aarohi tries to “love away” Rahul's … Read more on The Aerogram

Families suffer as heroin overdoses rise
His father, in a show of support, accompanied him to Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings. "He was getting back … His parents tried to get him into a local residential treatment program, but the wait was six to 12 months. Nor could they … Read more on

Scranton school director charged with DUI; board president calls for resignation
After his crash, Mr. Casey checked himself into Marworth Treatment Center for alcohol rehabilitation. He spent 24 days in rehab, and has since returned to his seat on the board. There was no discussion of the charges during Monday's school board meeting. Read more on Scranton Times-Tribune

AA counsellor warns of Paphos drinking culture
In terms of alcohol abuse, he said that although some UK health authorities had 'drying out units', chronic alcoholics often ended up in psychiatric hospitals as there were no treatment resources as such. Addiction was seen as a psychological flaw and … Read more on Cyprus Mail

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