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Solutions Recovery Inc. Applauds Attorney General Laxalt on
Solutions Recovery Inc., is Southern Nevada's premier licensed residential drug and alcohol treatment center. The organization serves as a qualified, Joint-Commission accredited vendor licensed to operate residential facilities by Clark County and the … Read more on Nevada Business Magazine

Inside Conditions…The pleasure principles
According to the website; “In 2010, the United States [supported] 30 residential drug treatment centers – 75% of all centers – making it the largest contributor to drug treatment services in Afghanistan.” Now we have exported our failed … Read more on New Pittsburgh Courier

Nancy Reagan's Legacy Includes Support Of Abusive Drug Treatment For Teens
Last year, as part of a year-long investigative story on the heroin epidemic and the U.S. drug treatment system, The Huffington Post published an original audio documentary about Straight Inc. and its predecessor, The Seed. Former residents recalled … Read more on Huffington Post

Banquet to raise money for women fighting addiction
Home of Hope is a Christian-based residential drug and alcohol treatment center for women in Casa Grande. Mothers may reside at the facility with their children. It's one of several rehabilitation programs run by Teen Challenge of Arizona, which is … Read more on TriValley Central

Addiction not a character flaw issue: expert
Drug, alcohol, gambling and most other addictions hijack the dopamine or pleasure pathway of the brain, resulting in reward, pleasure or persistence, says Dr Phil Townshend, Clinical Psychologist, Treatment Director at DARA Thailand, an international … Read more on Australian Journal of Pharmacy (registration) (blog)

Couple chronicles addiction struggles
Getting behind the science of alcoholism aided in Pond's quest for answers and a new treatment for his addiction, that goes beyond the standard 12-step approach. The couple crisscrossed the United States and went across the pond, over a nine-month … Read more on North Shore News

The surprising Internet forum some alcoholics are choosing
r/StopDrinking ( is a fascinating case study, both as a thriving online community and as a possible new vector for addiction treatment. It's run entirely by volunteers, most of whom are recovered alcoholics. It includes an … Read more on Wichita Eagle

Activists promote opiate antidote as US overdoses surge
Such overdoses killed 23,150 people in the United States in 2013, the most recent year for which national figures were available, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while deaths from heroin alone quadrupled to 8,257 that … Read more on Fox News

Panama City Beach rehab facility sparks backlash
He said Friday he has gotten that endorsement to put up a 6-foot-tall privacy fence that would stretch across the right of way next to the street and to vegetation in the next lot, which supporters hope would deter people from the rehab center from … Read more on The News Herald

Kent mental health nonprofit buys defunct treatment center building
Originally, Valley Cities had planned to build a new center called Woodmont Recovery Center for these treatment services in Des Moines, on what is currently an empty eight-acre lot on Pacific Highway near 272nd Street. After a public outcry that the … Read more on Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

AAC Holdings (AAC) Scheduled to Post Quarterly Earnings on Tuesday – Dakota
AAC Holdings, Inc. is a provider of inpatient substance abuse treatment services for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction. The Company operated six substance abuse treatment facilities located throughout the United States, focused on delivering … Read more on Dakota Financial News

RLS Drug May Be Likely To Stop Alcohol Abuse
The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) announced the initiation of a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of gabapentin enacarbil as a potential treatment for alcohol use disorder. The multi-site, randomized … Read more on Neurology Advisor

Mental Health Care: 'A Very Difficult System to Navigate' | Valley News
Vermont's newly enacted fiscal 2016 budget treated mental health care “reasonably well,” Frank Reed, the interim commissioner of the Vermont Department of Mental Health, said in an interview in late May. “We did not see …. Right now the state is … Read more on Valley News

Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Improving But Still Limited
Aetna says that while treatment of drug and alcohol abuse traditionally amounted to a 28-day inpatient or residential program, that has given way to an “array of treatment settings.” In a written statement sent by spokesman Matthew Clyburn, the company … Read more on Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Editorial: Treatment mission remains
The Walter B. Jones Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center in recent years has cleared its share of hurdles to fulfilling its mission of treating those with addiction and psychiatric problems. The center's decertification — effective June 1 — from … Read more on Greenville Daily Reflector

Creed's Scott Stapp: 'I Have Bipolar Disorder'
Now in recovery, Stapp is ready to share what happened. "I had a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse," he says. "I was hallucinating. I drove around the United States for a month, following an angel that I saw on the hood of … Read more on People Magazine

Veteran couple finds strength as they recover from PTSD, substance abuse
"Typically with PTSD, we also see problems with alcohol and sedatives, opioid medications … it really hits the whole range," said Andrew Darchuk, a clinical psychologist* and specialist in PTSD and substance use at Truman Veterans' Hospital in Columbia. Read more on Columbia Missourian

Alcohol and Drug Services of Guernsey County teams up with Thompkins
Several agencies in Guernsey County have teamed up to help a group of teenagers who either are experiencing substance abuse or are facing the temptation to experiment with drugs or alcohol. The Alcohol and Drug Services of Guernsey County has … Read more on The Daily Jeffersonian

Drug abuse: Experts warn against deadly synthetic drug N Bomb
A psychedelic synthetic drug 251-NBOMe, or N bomb, which is being used increasingly is dangerous and has been associated with the deaths of at least 17 people in the United States since 2010, when it first became available over the Internet, caution … Read more on International Business Times UK

Teen recovering after drug overdose story goes viral
Brayden Travis, 18 years old, has struggled with drug addiction since age 15, and has been hospitalized for weeks after an overdose that doctors say should have killed him. His devastated family chose to share their sad news on social media with hopes … Read more on CBS News

Akron firefighter arrested, charged with felony drug abuse for possession of
The police officer who stopped Howell was pulling up to check on a possible drug house. Howell's 2007 Pontiac Torrent was in the driveway of that home unattended when police first drove past it. When they came back to observe the house a second time, … Read more on

Bernards teens find parents primary contributors to teen alcohol, drug abuse
As part of their mission to educate the community about the dangers of teen alcohol and drug abuse, in an uncommon role reversal, a group of Bernards Township teens seek to enlighten adults and parents about how they are contributing to the problem in … Read more on