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Wayne Co. Begins Process for Needle Exchange

Wayne Co. begins process for needle exchange
The state health commissioner will make the final decision on the request. So far, three Indiana counties have been approved for needle exchange programs and each first held a public hearing before their commissioners declared a health emergency, which … Read more on Richmond

New St. Elizabeth CEO shuffles executive team
… Edgewood, Fort Thomas and Williamstown) as well as a Covington ambulatory center with a 24/7 emergency room, a Falmouth drug and alcohol treatment center, and more than 110 primary care and specialty office locations in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Read more on Cincinnati Business Courier

Race and the Drug War
Not too many West Burro Baptist protests in Compton Planned Parenthood's, just Indiana and Caucasian districts. As the of color races increase and Caucasians decrease …. So long as they truly WANT help, So that it's not mandatory (jail or rehab … Read more on Drug WarRant

Twin addiction: A vow to beat addiction after sister didn't
In this Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 photo, Faye Medema smokes a cigarette outside a recovery center in Houston. She had been a mess much of her life, dragged down by the same hard-core addiction that had plagued both her parents. She and her fraternal twin … Read more on

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