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Who Are Some People Important to the Prevention of Drugs or Alcohol?

Question by Nicole A: Who are some people important to the prevention of drugs or alcohol?
Does anyone have any names of people who have been an important part in the prevention of drug, alcohol, or tobacco use? At meeting for this prevention club I am in I think we are going ot start talking about some important people. We’ve already got Enrique Camarena, so anyone else?

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Answer by Ginny
I knew some celebrities who suffered under this dangerous concept called “Addiction”. But they managed to take treatments through some best rehab centers and got recovered from their addiction disorders. Yet these people have created a great impact on the public, especially teens and made them understand that addiction is a dangerous disorder.
Some of those celebrities list which i came across are,
Tara Reid
Diana Ross
Ben Affleck
Robert Downey Jr

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